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The company has established good cooperative relationship with China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of technology, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute and other universities and scientific research institutions. Provide technical guidance for production and R & D of the company. Our company has rich experience in synthesis and has done many kinds of synthesis reactions, such as Beckmann rearrangement, reduction, hydrogenation, azide, cyclization, witting, condensation, hydrolysis, etc.


We will continue to improve the infrastructure for research and development and improve the conditions for research and development equipment. At present, it has many independent laboratories, a pilot plant of API that meets the requirements of cGMP, and a complete set of organic synthesis equipment and excellent first-class testing and analysis equipment. For example, Agilent gas chromatography headspace sampler, Agilent liquid chromatography, METTLER TOLEDO potentiometric titrator, METTLER TOLEDO mx5 electronic balance, total organic carbon analyzer, Swiss Wantong moisture analyzer, FTIR infrared absorption spectrometer, TU-1901 ultraviolet absorption spectrometer, etc.


Nexcon can provide commercial quantities of specialty chemicals with DMF documentation.


Our R & D center is honest and reliable, strictly abides by business secrets, and can cooperate with customers in laboratory, pilot test, mass production and other stages.